Zarri 22 Brandy Aged Over 22 Years

We are proud to present the latest and most prestigious product in our range of aged brandies. It is composed of a blend of 9 different brandies originating from Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Romagnolo wines from the 1987 and 1988 harvests. The youngest distillate in this blend is over 22 years old. All the wines have been distilled using a discontinuous method with a Charentais Alembic, which conserves all the best characteristics of the wine.

The brandies have been aged in 350 litre oak casks, using wood from the forests of Limousin and Allier in France. During the first year of ageing we use new oak casks. They release colour and tannins to the distillates. The brandies are then moved to older casks which are essential for the tannins and alcohol oxidation process.

During the ageing the alcohol strength is slowly reduced by natural evaporation through the pores of the wood as well as the addition of a small quantity of distilled water. One year before the bottling process all the distillates of this Brandy were blended together and left for a year to age in order to create a perfect harmony of taste and bouquet. Like all our brandies, Zarri 22 is completely natural and has no added sugar, colourants or flavourings.

Tasting Notes:
Possessing a marvellous topaz colour with a flash of mahogany. Offering an elegant range of aromas, of which the most evident are a sensation of toffee, beeswax, crème brulée, nuts, licorice root and torrone. On the palate a soft power unfolds: the body is rich and involving, slightly spicy and carrying itself with warmth. The taste lingers aristocratically with a finale of spices and leather.