Full Proof Millesimati (Vintage) Brandies ,1987 – 1988 – 1989

Villa Zarri chose three different production years to create its full proof brandy collection. The label reports the year of production and the years of ageing, showing the alcoholic strength of the final product in a particularly evident way. Deriving from wine, which shows different characteristics every harvest, depending on the season’s weather conditions, Villa Zarri full proof brandies come from single distillates of the same batch of wine.

The brandy is aged in small new oaken barrels, then it is transferred into the so-called exhausted barred, which are almost texclusively used for the tannin and alcoho loxidation process. At this point, our brandy acquires its full strength and is ready ,without adding any distilled water, which would lower its alcoholic strength. The result is a pure product, totally natural and endowed with a strong identity.

Due to its high alcoholic strength, between 55 and 59 percent, in order to taste it optimally, it is recommendable to prepare your palate and throat by sipping a single drop of brandy, spreading it on your palate with your tongue. Having stimulated the perception of your whole mouth, the real tasting starts with small draughts, while always keeping a glass of water at hand in order to heighten its aromas. Dedicated to those who can enjoy strong and determined tastes, Villa Zarri full proof Vintage Brandies are ideal when associated with simple tastes, such as intense plain chocolate ,dry fruits, dates, marbled cheeses ,smoked meats ,or if sipped with a good , traditiona lcigar.

Tasting notes by Luca Gardini:
Millesimato 1989 based on Trebbiano Romagnolo wine – 19 YEARS – 59.2%
Bright dark mahogany colour on a light background with nut colour glints. Your nose perceives ample aromas, in which honey and almond paste can be recognised. Subsequently, its complexity comes out, and it conjures up sensations of leather, pistachio, dried figs, with slight boisée notes and milk chocolate at the end. Its taste expresses power and elegance, enhanced by the great softness and balance of this refined brandy. The closing is salty.

Millesimato 1988 based on Trebbiano Toscano wine – 20 YEARS – 59%
Intense ancient gold colour with bright onion skin glints. Its scent is characterised by soft and persisting comfit, mandarin and carob perfumes, which give way to a refined tobacco, strawberry tree honey, eucalyptus and toasted pine kernel tone. As you taste it, its great softness and typicality enhance a sensation of freshness and spice, such as ginger and coriander. Persistent bitter cocoa closing.

Millesimato 1987 based on Trebbiano Toscano wine – 21 YEARS – 55.4%
Dark, intense and bright mahogany colour with ancient gold glints. Its scent is characterized by clear and persistent date and fig smells. When it is poured, a large number of scents stem from it, ranging from pipe tobacco to cocoa, almond, dry lavender and Marseilles soap. In the end, candied and toasted sensations. Sensations in your mouth mirror those in your nose, especially complexity and sweetness; it is seducing in your palate, where creamy and round notes reach a balsamic and mentholated closing.