Cocktail Brandy Villa Zarri

The liquors of Villa Zarri and the creativity of great barman enable the creation of sophisticated cocktails.

Dario Gentile, Beverage Manager al Jing An Shangri La Hotel, Shanghai.

1. Old style (left image)

1 zolletta di zucchero di canna – 4 gocce di Orange Bitter – 50ml Villa Zarri 10 anni – 15ml Villa Zarri Brandy & Caffè Miscelato direttamente nel bicchiere e servito su ghiaccio cristallino – una scorza d’arancia come decorazione.

“Stir all the ingredients into an Old Fashioned Glass on the rocks, and garnish with an orange peel.”

2. Bright View (right image)

30ml Villa Zarri 10 anni – 30ml Villa Zarri Cherry Brandy – 5ml DOM Benedictine – 20ml Fresh Lime Juice – 20ml Pineapple Juice Spray of Fino Sherry

“Pour all the ingredients into a shaker over fresh ice cubes. Shake the mixture and strain it into a chilled Cocktail Coupè. Spray a little of Fino Sherry on the surface of the drink.”

Barman Giancarlo Mancino from Hong Kong - Il Milione Bar & Restaurant 


Barman Agostino Musichini from Roma - Hotel De Russie


Barman Kareem Bennett from Firenze - Fusion Bar & Restaurant