Chardonnay Brandy

Villa Zarri Chardonnay brandy is a non-aged brandy, bottled after resting for one year inside a stainless steel container. Chardonnay is a definitely more scented wine that Trebbiano, that is the basic wine used for producing Villa Zarri Brandy, but at the same time it is also very fine and delicate.
This distillate has been devised in order to satisfy those who love fresh and fruity products, not enriched by the complex aromas which are acquired by ageing in wooden barrels.From an organoleptic point of view, this brandy belongs to the grapes brandy line.

Tasting notes by Luca Gardini (Chef Sommellier):
Bright and clear, its neat and clean scent conjures up martin-sec pear, lavender, various sage notes. When it is smelled for the second time, Chinese tangerines with almond milk at the end can be sensed. Intense for the palate, soft, with well-balanced and pleasant alcohol; its taste underlines the aroma; its aftertaste is an almond note, mineral and yellow pulp fruit. A top-class brandy.