Brandy Millesimato 1988 23 Years Old with selected tuscan tobacco

If this was already the feather in the cap of Villa Zarri, but now Brandy Millesimato 1988 21 years old (vintage brandy) is a cut above what it was. It is based on a blend of brandies of the same year, namely 1988: Trebbiano Toscano wine selected as distilled starting material with a discontinuous method and by means of a Charentais alembic, the passing of the years, a well-balanced use of small oaken barrels and a magic microclimate make this brandy an exceptional product.

This brandy, which was already top-class, was then integrated, by means of brewing, with selected Kentucky tobacco grown in Tuscany. The result is a new product, a refined companion of the ritual of slow smoking: cigar smoking. Not just a brandy, but a “cigar to drink”, or rather “drinking tobacco”, as tobacco consumption used to be described in the 16th century.Warning: this Brandy contains nicotine, therefore it should be drunk moderately.

Tasting notes :
Beautiful deep amber colour with golden reflections. Intense and persistent aromas of rich tobacco, cocoa bean and leather aromas on a background od sweet vanilla. Finishes in fruity notes of plum, date and dry figs.
Taste reveals a vibrant richness which is deep, round and smooth. Forceful but not aggressive. This is a spirit of full body; warm persistent entry leading to spicy Kentucky tobacco and nicotine aromas with fruity notes in support.