Brandy Millesimato 1987 18 Years Old Limited Edition Magnum Bottle

This is a blend of four brandies of the same year, the 1987 season. The year of selection is reported on the label. This brandy is produced from wine which, harvest by harvest, changes properties every time, due to the different climates of the seasons. The idea of Brandy Millesimato (that is, vintage brandy) is therefore due to the intention of bottling a product endowed with the characteristics of a particular year. The wines used are Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Romagnolo, distilled with a discontinuous method by means of a Charentais alembic which preserves all its best characteristics.

Brandies are aged in small 350-litre oaken barrels made in France (Limousin and Allier). During the first year of ageing, new barrels are used, in order to pass on to the distillate a certain colour and certain tannins. Later on, the brandy is transferred into the so-called exhausted barrels, which are almost exclusively used for the tannin and alcohol oxydation process. During the ageing period, the alcoholic strength is slowly lowered, by adding distilled water, until the final strength, which in this case is 44%, is reached.

Tasting notes by Luca Gardini (Chef Sommellier):
Clear and bright mahogany colour, on a bright background with chestnut reflections. It is explosive in your nose, with wide and numerous aromas, among which it is possible to identify chestnut honey, almond paste and cumin. Subsequently, its complexity comes out, and it conjures up sensations of leather, nougat, dried figs, with smoked tea and white chocolate at the end. Its taste expresses power and elegance, on the basis of its great balance and the high softness of this refined brandy. Its aftertaste is dry cookie with peanut butter at the end. It is a seducing and sensual brandy