Barrique Aged Distillate of Chardonnay

This acquavite is made by distilling Chardonnay wine from the hills of Breganze, in the province of Vicenza. Chardonnay is distinctly more aromatic than Trebbiano, which is the base of the Villa Zarri Brandy production, but at the same time is very subtle and delicate. After resting for one year in stainless steel barrels, the distillate is then aged for an additional year in Limousin oak casks that previously stored a long-aged Trebbiano Brandy. After the year of cask aging, 10% of a Brandy Trebbiano aged 12 years is added to the distillate, to lend it colour and enhance the aromatic and flavour structure.


TASTING NOTES by Paolo Lauciani

Intensely golden in colour, with captivating aromas of chamomile flower and vanilla, ethereal memories of pastry shop scents and a touch of tobacco enhance the aromatic identity, marked by  honey and alcohol-infused grapes. Soft, elegantly spicy on the palate, enfolding like a tender and balanced embrace. The alluring finish is sealed with bright recollections of ripe white fruit (plum and banana) and a pleasant hint of vin brulé.