16-Years Tradizional blend Brandy

They stem from a bled of various years and a range of brandies of different ageings. The number of years reported on the label refers to the most recent year present in the blend, although on average, in both cases, the mean ageing is higher that this.

The name “Traditional Blend” is due to the fact that traditionally the brandy which is bottled is made up of a mixture, or blend, of various distillates of different years and ageings. This is due to the fact that the addition of various organoleptic characteristics in distillates makes the bouquet of the blended brandy much more harmonic and complete.

Tasting notes of 16-year Traditional Blend by Luca Gardini (Chef Sommellier):
Intense and bright topaz colour, with caramel shades. A rich and complex brandy: confit apricot and spices, such as cinnamon and pink pepper, emerge. When it is smelled for a second time, sweet tobacco and slight traces of coffee powder and coconut are sensed. Its full and round taste is
integrated by its great personality; its aftertaste is dry fruit and almond paste. Long and fine ending: this is an elegant and refined brandy.